Ng Man Tat (traditional Chinese: 吳孟達; simplified Chinese: 吴孟达; Cantonese Yale: ng4 maang6 daat6) was born on 2 January 1952. He is a veteran actor in the Hong Kong film industry, with dozens of awards under his belt, including Best Supporting Actor at the 10th Hong Kong Film Awards for his role in A Moment of Romance.[1]


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Ng has worked with Hong Kong actor and director Stephen Chow in a series of "mo lei tau" movies ("mo lei tau" translates to "brainless"/"senseless or random," and it is a genre of slapstick comedy unique to Hong Kong). Ng co-starred with Chow in a Hong Kong TVB television series called Dun Fei Final Combat (蓋世豪俠) in 1989, and also the popular 1990 film All for the Winner, where he played the role of Chow's uncle. From then on, the two collaborated in numerous "mo lei tau" films in the same style as All for the Winner.

Although Ng Man Tat owes much of his popularity from co-starring with Chow, he has shown to be a versatile actor to successfully portray various roles. An example of such is in his portrayal of Sister 13's father inPortland Street Blues, where he played a man who could not feel anything but abuse and rejection. It proved to be the perfect complement to his usual "mo lei tau" style with Chow. He also played Andy Lau's sidekick in the Lee Rock series in a more serious role. In Hong Kong, Ng is often known as "Uncle Tat", a nickname most likely influenced from his roles as Stephen Chow's sidekick (often as his uncle) in their films. Ng is sometimes credited as Richard Ng.

In 2006 Ng starred in Taiwanese drama The Hospital as Tang Guotai (唐國泰) a professor and director of surgery. He was subsequently nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series at the 42nd Golden Bell Awards in 2007.[2]



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