A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square is a 1979 British heist film directed by Ralph Thomas, written by Guy Elmes and starring Richard JordanOliver Tobias, and David Niven. The film takes its name from the song "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square".

Plot synopsis[edit]Edit

Pinky (Jordan) is released from prison and has decided to go straight from now on, but takes a job as a maintenance man at a large bank, which gives him a lot of undue attention from "Ivan the Terrible" (Niven), the local hoodlum. By using Pinky, Ivan hopes to rob the bank and Pinky starts to liken to the idea of going back to his old ways.

Also known as[edit]Edit

  • The Big Scam
  • The Biggest Bank Robbery
  • The Mayfair Bank Caper (video title)
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