Abelardo Luján Rodríguez (San José de Guaymas12 may 1889 – La Jolla13 February 1967) was a Mexican soldier and politician. He was interim president of Mexicofrom 1932 to 1934.

Early years[Edit]Edit

Rodríguez was born into a poor family from Sonora. In his early years he had several jobs, including baseball player. He went to College in Nogales, but not because he made his study in 1913 with the Mexican Revolution. He climbed quickly. In 1916 he became Colonel and in 1920 he joined the Plan of Agua Prieta, then to Military Commander of Baja California was appointed. In 1923 he became Governor of that territory, and he remained until 1930. His period as Governor coincided with theprohibition in the United States, and he earned a small fortune by smuggling of liquor to that country. After his governorship, he traveled to Europe to research intoindustry-and aviation techniques. In 1932 he returned to Mexico and was given a post in the Cabinet of Pascual Ortiz Rubio. He was first Secretary of war, but a short time later he was Minister of industry and trade.

Presidential term[Edit]Edit

On 4 september saw Ortiz was forced to resign by Plutarco Elías Calles and replaced by Rodríguez. As well as its two predecessors was in fact a puppet of Calles Rodríguez, President of the National Revolutionary Party (PNR). Nevertheless, Rodríguez took many important decisions as president. During his term he carried out different financial institutions and Rodríguez founded Socialist education in. Promises that are already in 1917 in the Constitution were made during Rodríguez ' term were fulfilled. It went mainly to workers ' rights, such as the statutory minimum wage of four pesos. Controversial was his attempt to include sex education in the curriculum. After protests, he decided to abandon this. He also ensured that future presidential terms six instead of four years.

Follow-up and later years[Edit]Edit

His term ended on 30 november 1934. He was succeeded by the Lázaro Cárdenasdesignated by Calles, which won the elections with 98% of the vote.

Rodríguez withdrew from politics for a while back. He returned In 1943 when he was chosen as Governor of Sonora. He spent a great deal of attention to education; He founded, among others, the University of Sonora. Because of health problems he stepped off in 1948. He died in the United States.


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