Adriaan Cornelis Jacob Marius Alberga (ParamariboFebruary 14, 1887 – december 4, 1952) was an American lawyer and politician.

Alberga was a clerk's Office-official who successfully studied for lawyer's practice in Suriname (lawyer). In december 1910 he became 2nd clerk police headquarters that the Registrar could replace at the instruction of criminal matters. Later he became Registrar of the District of Paramaribo. In the summer of 1921 was he, when d. Coutinho for leave to practise law and Deputy, went to lands designated Netherlands District Court in Paramaribo, Surinam. In July 1926, Adriaan Alberga District-Commander of Marowijne and in February 1929 he settled practice in Paramaribo.

Other features that were fulfilled in the course of time: Alberga

After the elections of March 1951, States-Alberga lands minister of Justice and police and of finance. When Jan banez resigned the post on 6 september 1952 Alberga got General Affairs also there with which he so was Prime Minister of Suriname.

The Cabinet looked like this:

Ministry Minister

General Affairs

A.C.J.M. Alberga (also premier)

Home Affairs

A. Currie

Economic Affairs

J.C. Carey-Taylor


S.D. Ed

Justice and Police

E.m.l. Ensberg

Agriculture, livestock and fisheries

F.A. Langguth Oliviera

Education and public development

W.E. Juglall

Public works and traffic

A.L.R. Sahoo

Social Affairs, public health and immigration

G.B. Kletter

Just three months later he died suddenly at the age of 65.


J.C. de Miranda

Lands minister of Justice and police



E.m.l. Ensberg


A. Currie

Lands minister of finance



J.A.E. Banez


J.A.E. Banez

Prime Minister of Suriname



A. Currie