Adrianus ("Adriaan" or "Janus") Remiëns (Amsterdam8 January 1890 – d. Dresden, 8 september 1972) was a Dutch artist. Paintings, drawings and sculptures of him are known.

Remiëns was educated at the Drawing school of Art Crafts in Amsterdam and was influenced by his teacher Joseph Mendes da Costa. Remiëns worked for some time for to kunstaardewerkfabriek Regina Gouda. He worked mainly from Amsterdam, SchoorlBlaricumLaren (Noord-Holland) and weather Amsterdam. From 1919 to 1948 he was married to Jetske Dionysia Gangel.

The work of Adrianus Remiëns were in the 20 's of the 20th century popular in Amsterdam. He has delivered various facade ornaments such as the Two Eagles, and another wall ornament in the shape of an eagle.He was selected for the decorating of viaducts for the Ring railway line, which would be built in the 1930s, but that eventually was completed only in the 1980s. The images intended for the viaducts are therefore placed in the Nieuwe Hoogstraat.

A.M. de Jong has written a number of essays in 1929 about the work of Remiëns with pictures of some of his works of art.