Albert Servaes (Ghent4 april 1883 – Luzern19 april 1966) was a painter and is considered to be Belgium's first expressionist.

In 1905 he moved to Sint-Martens-Latem where he established himself in a wooden shack. He was a deeply religious man who in his art like the already explored paths left.One of his favourite themes was the suffering of Jesus Christ. He belonged to the first group of Latem Schools.

The drama and the bitterness that speaks from his work are supported by its dark coloration and thick lines with which he shaped his figures. The Roman Catholic Churchand many of its contemporaries annoyed on the raw reality that he painted. He painted the stations of the cross (now kept in the koningshoeven Abbey of Berkel-Enschot) is one example. Noteworthy in his work are also his landscapes and portraits.

Because of sympathies that he harbored for the German culture politics during the national socialism he had to after the Second World War the district to take Switzerland.

In 2005 he was also one of the kansmakers on the title the greatest Belgian, but took out the final nomination list and not stranded at no. 71 of those who fell just outside the nomination list.