Alfonso Reyes Reyes (Monterrey1889 - May 17, Mexico Citydecember 27, 1959) was a Mexican writer. He is known as the main animator of literature review of his country and as one of the biggest Spanish-language Essayists and literary critics.

[1][2]Statue of Alfonso Reyes

Alfonso is the son of Bernardo Reyes, a former Governor of the State of Nuevo León and Minister during the reign of Porfirio Díaz. He was a diplomat in 1914 and lived until1924 in Madrid, where he made a name as a literary journalist, investigative journalist, translator, critic and writer. He then worked in FranceArgentina and Brazil and returned back to his homeland in 1939 . There he was the founder the Colegio de México, an Institute for education and research in the social sciences and Humanities.

Reyes was an employee of la Revista de Filología Españolala Revista de Occidente and of la Revue Hispanique. Very well known his works on Spanish literature, the literature of classical antiquity and the aesthetics, especially Cuestiones gongorinas (1927), Capítulos de literatura española (1939 - 1945), Discurso por Virgilio (1931) y Cuestiones estéticas (1911). His most prized work as a poet are Ifigenia cruel (1924), Pausa (1926), 5 casi sonetos (1931), Otra voz (1936) and Federico García Lorca and la tumba the Cantata (1937). Also his work as translator, Publisher and his articles in his own literary magazine Monterrey are worth according to the literature critics.