Amleto Giovanni Cicognani (Brisighella24 February 1883 – Vatican City17 december 1973) was an Italian Cardinal of the mental and Catholic Church.

Cicognani visited the seminar in Faenza and was on 23 september 1905 dedicated priest . He continued his studies until 1910 in Rome where he earned doctorates intheology, the philosophy and Canon law. From that moment began his career in the Roman Curia. He worked initially at the Congregation of rites. He became aMonsignorin the 1920s, first as Chamberlain of the Pope, later as Papal House prelate. In 1922 he became Deputy and Congregation of the consistory in 1928 assessor at the Congregation for the Oriental Churches.

From 1924 he was already regularly-as Special Envoy of the Pope-abroad. In 1933 , he was appointed by Pope Pius XI to titular bishop of Laodicea in Phrygia and toapostolic delegate for the United States. He would exercise the Office more than 25 years.

During the consistory of december 15, 1958 , he was created Cardinal. The San Clemente became his title Church. That he had to wait so long for a cardinal's hat, had presumably related to the fact that his brother, Gaetano Cicognani was already Cardinal. Canon law did not allow two brothers at the same time were Cardinal. Of that right was, moreover, in the past has often deviated and Pope John XXIII did it, when he took up in the College of Cardinals Amleto. [1]in 1959 to John appointed Cicognani Secretary of the Congregation for Oriental Churches and in 1961 to Cardinal Secretary of State. In that function he would remain until 1969 . Cicognani would be one of the leading liberal Cardinals during the Second Vatican Council. [2In 1968 , he was also next to the Office of the Secretary of State in charge of Administration of the patrimony of the Holy See. In 1968 , he became Cardinal Bishop of the suburbicarian see of Frascati. In 1969 , he laid down all its functions. He was-a year before his death-still blanket of the College of Cardinals and Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia the corresponding Diocese.


Domenico Tardini

Cardinal Secretary of State



Jean-Marie Villot


Eugène Tisserant

Dean of the College of Cardinals

24 March 1972-17 december 1973


Luigi Traglia

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