André Rouvoet (HilversumJanuary 4, 1962) is a Dutch Director and former politician. In the fourth Balkenende Cabinet he was Minister for youth and family and Deputy Prime Minister. On February 23, 2010, after the fall of the Government, he was also appointed as Minister of education, culture and Science Minister, to 14 October 2010.He was previously on behalf of the Christianunion and the RPF member of the Second Chamber. On 29 april 2011 he announced his departure from politics to party on 14 May and took his farewell to Rouvoet. Since 1 February 2012 , he is Chairman of health insurers Netherlands.


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Life Course[Edit]Edit

André Rouvoet grew up as a son of a greengrocer. He attended the gymnasium at the Hilversum Comenius College and was the only one of four children who was allowed to study. He was going to follow a study legal and State philosophy at the vu University Amsterdam. He immersed himself in the ideas of the orthodox-Protestant statesmanAbraham Kuyper through colleges of reformational philosophy Professor Egbert Schuurman. In 1986 he obtained his doctorate. He was at that moment all Parliamentary Assistant of the reformatory political Federation (RPF) in the second room, the intercession of his teacher Sabir, who was senator for that party.

In the same year he was lijsttrekker of the combinedSGP GPV//RPF-lijst in the municipality of Maarssen, but he failed to be elected. In april 1986 he was policy advisor at an organization for special education and youth health care, but in August 1987 he returned to the RPF, as a scientific researcher of the Marnix van St. Aldegonde Foundation, the scientific bureau of the RPF. On 1 January 1989, he was Director of the Office. He was also a freelance teacher of political science and public administration at the Evangelical School for Journalism in Amersfoort.

At the Dutch general election, 1994 Rouvoet was on behalf of the RPF in the House of representatives chosen. He loved being in the room working on public health,justice, welfare, sport and European Affairs and was part of the IRT, which Maarten van Traa President was. In short, the Commission concluded that the law enforcement authorities were using illegal methods and did proposals to legalize some of these methods. This led to the introduction of the Law special investigation powers.

Also in 1998 , he was elected MP to RPF. Starting from March 2001, he performed with his party join the Christianunion, the fusion of the RPF with the REFORMED POLITICAL LEAGUE. Rouvoet was In november 2002 Chairman of the fledgling party, after its predecessor Kars Veling disappointed after a power struggle had stepped out of politics. In the elections of 2003 and 2006 was Rouvoet lijsttrekker. As Group Chairman he. He received the 2003 Thorbecke price, a prize for political eloquence, and he was in 2004 by the Parliamentary press named politician of the year. In 2005 he was clearly in image by his campaign against the European Constitution in the run-up to the Dutch referendum on the subject.

Minister for youth and families[Edit]Edit

[1][2]Rouvoet opens a Centre for youth and family in his hometown Hilversum

After election gains in 2006 were given the Christian Union and Rouvoet the chance to with the CDA and the labour party to form a coalition. The negotiations failed and on 22 February 2007, he was sworn in as Minister for youth and families in the Cabinet Balkenende IV. The special program minister, which was always under the Ministry of health, welfare and Sport, was a new, interagency function, created in order to enable an integrated policy in all matters of youth and families face.

Rouvoets one of the spearheads of policy was to set up Centers for youth and families (CJG's). Here, parents, children, young people and professionals with all kinds of questions about parenting and growing up. The centres are as apparent walk-in point in each municipality and the municipalities there charge of. The first CJG's were realized In 2008. The intention is that in 2012 a nationwide network.

Another point for which Rouvoet has made itself strongly is the introduction of the so-called Electronic child dossier youth health care (JGZ EKD), which allows rural exchange of information in the field of youth health care may need to be made. Consultation Office-doctors and nurses of the youth health care keep the EKD JGZ at and use it at any contact for registration and information.

Other policy issues of Minister Rouvoet were among other things the child budget (a contribution towards the cost of raising children under 18 years; entered on January 1, 2009), reduction in child abuse, prevention of juvenile delinquency and the parenting plan. The latter is a document in which separated parents agree about splitting the care for their children, the alimony for the children and information exchange (parents should keep each other informed about their children). The promotion continued parenting and careful separation Law, drawn up together with the Ministry of Justice and approved by the Senate in november 2008, this plan proposes compulsory for divorces.

In May 2008 was a conflict in the coalition Government, in response to a letter in which Secretary of health Jet Bussemaker (PvdA) announced widening of the possibilities for embryo selection. Rouvoet was displeased because his party is fundamentally opposed to embryo selection and not in advance of the letter because he knew. The conflict was running high, reached in June 2008 but Rouvoet, Bussemaker and Health Minister Ab Klink (CDA) an agreement on the criteria that needed to be extended to embryo selection. A National Committee is going further guidelines for its application. The solution was often called a compromise, but He refuted that Rouvoet. said: "We have found a way that is accessible and sustainable for all three parties.".

In August 2009, Rouvoet with a proposal for the drive down by child benefit for children of employees in Netherlands that is not in the European Union life. [1]

Minister for J & G and for EDUCATION, CULTURE and SCIENCE[Edit]Edit

On 23 February 2010, Rouvoet as Minister for youth and family may have resigned by the fall of the Cabinet. In addition, he was Minister for education, culture and science. He took over the responsibilities of the State Secretary for education, culture and science Denis resigned about. To its core tasks on OCW area belonged so primary education, special education, pre-school care and child care policy, educational inequality, employment conditions teaching staff and education inspection. That he the package (gay) emancipation not took over from its predecessor Plasterk, but left this to Secretary of State Van Bijsterveldt, led to comments in the second room, where he successfully defended the Division of labour. [2[3shortly before that he had apologized for his statement in an interview that Plasterk a "Minister of celebrations and parties and emancipation policy" had been. [4]

At a Party Congress in Lunteren on 24 april 2010, Rouvoet known after the Dutch general election of 9 June that year again as MP for the party to want to occur, even if the Christian Union should participate in a coalition. "The next four years is this guy on your behalf in the House of representatives", so he kept the party members for. [5]

Per 17 May 2011 he left however the second room where he had been a total of 5000 days when Member of. He left the Group Presidency to Arie Slob. [6]

In an interview with left Rouvoet hinted that he joined to the fourth Balkenende Cabinet as Deputy Prime Minister, because the ' chemistry ' between Jan Peter Balkenende and Wouter Bos especially at first was missing. He admitted that Balkenende and Bos never really have become each other's political friends and that informateur Herman wijffels toedacht him a mediating role in the Cabinet. [7]

Netherlands Lion[Edit]Edit

Rouvoet was on 1 February 2012, President of the umbrella organisation Netherlands health insurers (ZN). He succeeded Hans Wiegel on there.

Further activities[Edit]Edit

  • Per 1 January 2012, Rouvoet President of Foundation Present, a Christian organization that mediates between requesters and providers of assistance.
  • In October 2012, he was designated as President of the Commission who should draw up measures to prevent sexual abuse in the youth care, based on the recommendations of the Commission-Samson, who mapped this problem.
  • In March 2013, he played the role of one of the disciples of Jesus in the musical The Passion.

Private Life[Edit]Edit

André Rouvoet is living in Woerden. He is on 3 July 1986 to Abcoude married and is the father of four daughters and one son. His wife Liesbeth is doctor. Rouvoet is a member of the Christian Reformed ChurchRehoboth to Woerden. His hobbies are reading, snooker and sports.

Rouvoet said In december 2008 in the television program Top 2000 à go-go that the song Have I Told You Lately That I Love You by Van Morrison from 1989 during the campaign for the Dutch general election in 2006 ensured that he continued to think of his wife and family. [8]

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