Andrés Segovia (Linares (Jaén), 21 February 1893 - Madrid3 June 1987) was a Spanish classical guitarist and is seen as the man who brought the guitar to the great concert stages in the 20th century.

Segovia was introduced to the guitar at the age of four. His uncle often sang songs for him while he pretended he played guitar. This prompted Segovia to give a prominent place to the guitar in the music world. He tried the guitar study on the level of piano and violin to lift.

His first appearance was in Spain at the age of 16 years, and a few years later he held his first professional concert in Madrid. Here he played transcriptions for guitar byFrancisco Tárrega and work of Johann Sebastian Bach that he himself had edited. Although his family was not behind him, he remained all his life guitar study. In 1986 he received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

The following composers wrote works for him (selective):


Abel CarlevaroSegovia had among other things, Ben BoltChristopher ParkeningJohn WilliamsPieter van der StaakOscar Ghiglia and Eliot Fisk as a student. They carry together with others Segovia's guitar tradition further out.