Andy Fordham (Charlton2 February 1962), nicknamed The Viking, is an English darts player. In January 2004, he won the World Professional Darts Championship, better known as lakeside (formerly The Embassy).

Andy Fordham is born Southeast of London. As a child, he played football and athletics, but when he left high school, he discovered the darts. By his beard, long hair and grotesque figure he soon got the nickname The Viking. Andy Fordham career won many awards In his dart, but the Crown on his work he achieved in January 2004 in the final of the lakeside-tournament when he defeated Mervyn King and became world champion.

Partly because of the unhealthy lifestyle of Fordham, in January 2007 he is admitted in a hospital with breathing problems. After an illness of about 6 months, he lost weight (approximately 108 km) and totally back to once again reach the top. Andy Fordham made his comeback in september in Turkey during the Turunc Open. In this he received surprisingly the semifinal. He lost in it from the later winner Martin Phil lips from Wales, who defeated Darryl Fitton in the final.

"I've been extremely pleased that I can again darts. I have seven or eight months not can play darts and now I can play up to an hour, so I don't expect miracles in Bridlington. Even though I do not qualify for the lakeside then this will be a good stepping stone to return to the top. I should not be too many goals, but should just be happy that I'm back. "said The Viking.

Andy Fordham managed not to qualify for the World Professional Darts Championship of 2008, he lost in the 2nd round of the qualifying tournament by David Smith-Hayes. During the Winmau World Masters a day later, Fordham lost again. He went 3-0 defeat against Stuart Kellett who in the round of 16 by Martin Adams lost.

In February 2009 Andy Fordham along with Mark Webster stepped over to the PDC. Since January 2013 Fordham plays again for the BDO.

Andy Fordham is married to Jenny and they have two children. Andy and Jenny running together "The Cutty Sark" in Thamesmead, before that they ran even though The Queen's Arms in Woolwich and The Rose in Dartford.

Played World Cup finals[Edit]Edit

  • WDF 1995 Andy Fordham/Martin Adams -Ronnie Baxter/Steve Beaton 4-? (' best of 7 legs ')
  • WDF 2001 Martin Adams- Andy Fordham 4-3 (' best of 7 legs ')
  • WDF 2001 Andy Fordham/John Walton -Ulf Cedar/Marko Kantele 4-2 (' best of 7 legs ')
  • WDF 2003 Martin Adams/Mervyn King- Andy Fordham/Tony O'Shea 4-1 (' best of 7 legs ')
  • BDO 2004 Andy Fordham -Mervyn King 6-3 (best of 11 sets ')