Antonio Gava ( Castellammare di Stabia , July 30, 1930 - Rome , August 8, 2008 ) was an Italian politician who was a member of the Democratic Party Cristiana .

Gava started in the provincial state of Campania . In 1972 he arrived in the Italian parliament . In 1980 he became Minister of Labor Relations in the cabinet . He was also three times Minister of Communications and Minister of Internal Affairs 2 times (1988-1990). By a stroke in 1990, he stopped in politics. In 1994 he was arrested for criminal activities with the Neapolitan crime organization in Campania. In 1980, he still ensured that the kidnapped Ciro Cirillo (by Red Brigades had been kidnapped) was released, there had to be a high amount to be paid. After many associations and legal affairs, he was acquitted of ties with Neapolitan crime organization in 2007.

Gava died at age 78 in Rome.

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