Balthasar van der Pol (Utrecht27 January 1889 – Wassenaar6 October 1959) was a Dutch physicist. Many of his publications cover mainly the propagation of radio waves, the theory of electric circuits, in particular more of vibration and math problems that relate to them.


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Life and work[Edit]Edit

Van der Pol was born in Utrecht and also studied mathematicsand experimental nature. He collaborated with John Ambrose Fleming and j. j. Thomson in England and he was coworker of Hendrik Lorentz in Haarlem.Vaughan received his Ph.d. cum laude in 1920 in Physics in Utrecht. Then he joined the physics laboratory of Philips to Eindhoven, where he remained until his retirement in 1949. In the years 1925-1927, he was the mentor of the Delft student Johan Numans, which the shortwave transmitter PCJJ telephony designed and built. This first crystal controlled transmitter in Europe would be world famous. He became extraordinary Professor in 1938 in theoretical electricity leather to the Technische Hogeschool in Delft.

Together with Henk Bremmer described Van der Pol in 1938 mathematical influence of radiofrequency propagation by the curvature of the Earth's surface. His research on the electromagnetic trillingsverschijnselen is one of the first investigations in the field of non-linear systems of meaning remained. Vaughan discovered the phenomenon of the limit cycle, which is also in many other non-linear oscillators occurs. He described this in the so-called Van der Pol's equation. In addition it was Van der Pol discoverer of the white noise. With Bremmer, Van der Pol in the 1940s pioneered in the field of operators account such as the bilateral Laplace transform.

Van der Pol was one of the founders and President of the Nederlandsch Radio for a long time the Fellowship (NRG), the current Dutch Electronics and Radio Society (NAAZ), and member of the Union Internationale International Radio Diffusion and Union Radio Scientifique URSI.


VAS received in 1935 by the American IRE ( IEEEtoday) the Medal of Honor "for his fundamental research and contributions in the field of the theory of circuits and the propagation of electromagnetic waves".Furthermore, he was awarded the Golden Medal of the Danish Valdemar Poulsen-technical Academy and he received honorary doctorates of the universities of Geneva and Warsaw.

In 1973 was the ' Dutch ' asteroid 1045 T-2 in honor of Van der Pol named. In Delft is a road named after him in the University District, and in 1997 on this road built student flat is known as ' BalPol '.