Blaise Cendrars, pseudonym of Frédéric Louis Sauser (La Chaux-de-FondsSwitzerlandseptember 1, 1887 – January 21, 1961 in Paris ) was a Swiss-French writer andpoet.

Sauser left his parents ' House at the age of 15 to work for a jewelry dealer, making him most of his life was traveling. He visited among other ChinaMongoliaIran, theCaucasus and Russia. He also practiced various professions to medications he and went to study philosophy in Bern .

In 1910 he moved to Paris, where he met the poet Guillaume Apollinaire . Under the influence of Apollinaire and with his world travels as inspiration Sauser developed a unique writing style. A good example of this is his long poem published in 1913 Prose du Transsibérien et de la petite Jeanne de France, in which he describes his trip around the world .

His career as a writer, however, was abruptly interrupted by the first world war, in which he sided with the French Foreign Legion moisture. By mid-december 1914 to February 1915 he fought in the Somme. His experiences there he described in his famous book La main coupée (The severed hand) and J'ai tué (I have killed). In the bloody offensive inChampagne in september 1915 he lost his right arm, and he was fired from the army. In 1916, he was a naturalized Frenchman.