Robert Bruce (Bob) Mathias ( Tulare , November 19 1930 - Fresno , September 2 2006 ) was an American athlete , twice Olympic champion in the decathlon . In this athletic discipline in 1950, he also established the first of a total of three world records . In 1955 he became herein trumped by his compatriot Rafer Johnson .


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Biography edit ]Edit

Youngest Olympic champion ever edit ]Edit

Mathias started athletics in high school at the beginning of 1948. The summer of that year, he qualified for the Olympics in London . It showed his inexperience in the decathlon, he knew the rules of the shot put and was not nearly eliminated regulations. Yet he won the gold with more than a hundred points ahead of the number two. With seventeen Mathias was the youngest Olympic champion in athletics history.

Olympic title prolonged edit ]Edit

Four years later, at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki , he managed to extend his title. easily Are ahead of the silver medalist was an unprecedented 912 points. The same year he came to his university Stanford in the finals of theRose Bowl in American football .

From movie star to parliament edit ]Edit

After his sports career Mathias starred in a movie about his own life, he and joined Jayne Mansfield in a parody of the Olympic Games of 1896 , entitled "It happened in Athens" [1] and he was director of the United States Olympic Training Center .  During the period 1966-1974 he was a member of the House of Representatives to the Republicans . In 1973 he introduced legislation aimed at adjusting the U.S. Olympic Charter , and he brought a Bill of Rights for amateur athletes. [1]

Bob Mathias died at the age of 75.

Titles Edit ]Edit

  • Olympic decathlon champion - 1948, 1952
  • American decathlon champion - 1948, 1949, 1950, 1952

Personal records Edit ]Edit

Part Performance Date
100 m 10,8 s 1952
400 m 50.2 s 1952
110m Hurdles 13,8 s 1952
high jump 1.90 m 1952
pole vault 4,00 m 1952
skip 7.15 m 1952
shot-put 15,82 m 1953
discus 52.83 m 1951
javelin-throwing 62,20 m 1952
decathlon 7592 p (old count) = 

7887 p (new count) (ex-WR)


Honours edit ]Edit

decathlon edit ]Edit

  • 1948: [1]OS - 7139 points
  • 1952: [2]OS - 7887 points

Awards edit ]Edit

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