Bruno Frank (StuttgartJune 13, 1887 - Beverly HillsJune 20, 1945) was a German writer and poet. He studied law and philosophy in TübingenMunichHeidelbergand Strasbourg . Frank Later obtained a doctorate in Tübingen. During the first world war he was a soldier. He maintained close ties with Lion Feuchtwanger and Klaus Mann.

A day after the fire in the Reichstag, on 28 February 1933, Frank emigrated to Austria, then to Switzerland and later to France and England. He wrote when his second historical novel Cervantes (1934) after Trenckin (1926). In 1937 the novel Der Reisepass.

Sturm im Wasserglas was the successful comedy (1930). This comedy was filmed in 1936 in Great Britain and in 1960 in Germany. The comedy was directed by Josef von Baky with Peter Luhr. Another comedy,Nina, appeared in 1931.

Frank lived from 1939 until his death in 1945 in the United States.

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