Candido Cannavò ( Catania , November 29 1930 - Milan , February 22 2009 ) was an Italian sports journalist .

He was also director (1983-2002) of the sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport . He began his career as a sports journalist for La Sicilia when he was 19. He was president of CUS Catania from 1952 to 1955, after which he was employed byLa Gazzetta dello Sport . In 1981, he was vice president and director in 1983. In this period, the consolidated Gazzetta its position as the Italian sports newspaper and launched Cannavo the weekly Sports Week and the website of the Gazzetta. Cannavo gained national acclaim for his numerous TV appearances on the Giro d'Italia and Serie A football.

He wrote an autobiography and more about social issues, about Italian prisons and disabled and homeless. He died in February 2009 of a stroke .

Work edit ]Edit

  • Una vita in rosa (2002)
  • Libertà dietro le Sbarre (2004)
  • E li chiamano disabili (2005)
  • Pretacci. Storie di uomini che il portano Vangelo sul marciapiede (2008)
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