Carl William Blegen (Minneapolis (Minnesota), 27 January 1887 – Athens (Greece), 24 August 1971) was an American archaeologist, who has dug in Troy .

In 1910 left Blegen to Greece. He did excavations in various smaller centers of the Mycenaean culture, and suggested that this had been Greek, with which he led byArthur Evans entered against the General view that a colony was of the Minoan civilization, and that only later were the Greeks entered Greece. The decipherment ofLinear B after World War II showed that Blegen was right had.

From 1932 to 1938 Groove Blegen in Troy. The precision and care of its excavations represent a milestone in the archaeology. He divided the by Wilhelm Dörpfeld found 9 layers further under in 34 bouts. He also shifted and Dörpfeld the Trojan war of phase VI (as Dörpfeld had concluded) to phase VIIa. Until a few years ago was his work on the history and chronology of Troy is now leading, that role was taken over by the later still more exhaustive investigations of Manfred Korfmann and the many archaeologists who have worked with him.