Carl McCoy (Lambeth18 January 1963) is a British singer who is best known as the lead singer of the Gothic rockband Fields of the Nephilim.

His parents were members of Jehovah's witnesses. In 1984, the group Fields of the Nephilim founded with Carl McCoy as a singer. In 1990 he starred in the science fiction filmHardware of Director Richard Stanley. In 1991 he left Fields of the Nephilim to explore new musical horizons. For the time being also the band ceased to exist. McCoy founded a new band under the name The Nephilim. There appeared for the first time only in 2000 new material under the name Fields of the Nephilim. The first new full album under this name (not recognized by McCoy himself Fallen from 2002 barring) appeared in 2005 entitled Mourning Sun and was completely written by McCoy.

Carl McCoy is known for his love of the mystical and the occult, which is strongly reflected in the texts of his songs. Aleister CrowleyAustin Osman Spare and Howard Phillips Lovecraft are among its most important sources of inspiration. The name of the band Fields of the Nephilim refers to the legend of the Nephilim.

He has a daughter, Scarlett Lily McCoy, who was born in 1985. 

Carl McCoy also has its own graphics company, Sheer Faith, that the graphic design for his musical projects.

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