Carll Cneut (Roeselare8 January 1969) is a Belgian illustrator, who has spent his childhood in Geluwe.


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Carll Cneut studied graphic design at the Sint-Lucas Institute in Ghent. Initially he worked as Art Director in Antwerp, but in 1996 he made his debut as an illustrator of picture books with Piglets of marzipan with text of Geert Daniels. Gradually he learns to control his color palette and emotions in colors and shapes. Especially the composition of his drawings is its great strength, making him a world suggests that far exceeds the limits of the sheet. You see, as it were, the world outside the book in his drawings. That are never quite finished because so stimulated the imagination of the children. In their own imagination they can complement the drawings. James EnsorEdgard Tytgat and he reckons to Gustave Van de Woestijne are examples.

Book after book will get Cameron more grip on both form and composition. As his technical means better governed, he goes also more freely with the story to. He tells his own story in prints, that every now and then even what may differ from the written story he illustrates. The illustrator exceeds the limits of the story, he dives unabashedly the imagination of the reader within. Absolute highlights are Sir Ferdinand (on a text byAgnes Garai), red yellow black white (on a text by Brigitte Minne), I see you again (on a text by Ed Franck) and Dulle Griet (on a text by Geert Daniels).


The illustrator is highly rational. After the first reading of the text has Carll Cneut images or an atmosphere in his head. It starts somewhere by one frame from the text. Then he goes before and after that picture looking for a rhythm of images. He makes sketches, dummies of cut and paste text and the text in blocks until a finished book in sketches. Afterwards this overgetekend and painted without there is hardly anything to change. Every detail, to the Motif on the clothing, is figured out.


A lot of times in Carll Cneut inevitably fell the prices with his books. Willy was awarded the Books p 2000, Ferocious Mie with a Bologna Ragazzi Award Special Mention 2001. In 2002 was awarded a red yellow black and white Books plume and a Prix Octogone. In 2003 Campbell in Netherlands a Silver Brush for his illustrations in The incredible love story of Mr Morf. In Bratislava he acquired a Gold Plaque for this book and Mr Ferdinand. In addition, Mr Ferdinand was also awarded a Books Peacock and a White Raven (2004).

The exceptional quality of his work remained not unnoticed abroad, of course. Most of his picture books found their way to other countries and were translated into French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean or Japanese. His book O monster, eat me not on (on a text by Carl Norac) appeared in 2006 even in eleven languages simultaneously in 15 countries.

The book One million butterflies (text Edward van de Vendel) appeared in september 2007. In the fall 2007 there was a retrospective of his work in the literary Museum to Hasselt. [1]

Published in 2008, the secret of the throat of the Nightingale (text Peter Verhelst) became seven awards. It got the Woutertje Pieterse Award (2009), the Golden OWL youth literature (2009), a Gouden Griffel (2009), a cub Books (2009), a plume Books (2009), the White Raven Special Mention (2009) and the Plantin-Moretuspublieksprijs for best book cover (2009).

In 2009 Flute as you are Edward van de Vendeltext). It was awarded a plume Books (2010), a Zilveren Griffel (2010) and a Silver Brush (2010).

The artist is since several years teacher illustration at the Royal Academy of fine arts in Ghent. He also gives workshops in scattered locations. He imagines consciously open for the input of the reader. Over the internet can follow how his books received the illustrator almost.

Publications as author[Edit]Edit

  • 2002 The Incredible love story of Mr Morf (the Unicorn)

Publications as an illustrator[Edit]Edit


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