Carlo Confalonieri (Seveso25 July 1893 - Rome1 August 1986) was an Italian Cardinal of the mental and Roman-Catholic Church.

He was the son of Giuseppe and Maria Confalonieri-Rusconi. His father was a cabinet maker. He did his first Holy Communion on may 5, 1904 and went in the same year to the minor seminary in Seveso. In 1909 , he continued his studies at the Major Seminary of Monza. After a short study stay in Milan, he moved to Rome. There he studied at the Pontifical Seminary HH Ambrosius and Carolus Pontificia Università Gregorianaand the. During the first world war he served in the Italian army. He was ordained to the priesthood on March 18, 1916 to dedicated priest.

In 1921 He became the private Secretary to Cardinal Achille Ratti, Archbishop of Milan. In 1922 he accompanied its Archbishop to Vatican City, where the papal conclaveof 1922, following the death of Pope Benedict XV attended. The new Pope was Pius XI Ratti, and Confalonieri would be Secretary to Pius in 1939 were to die. In 1922 he became elevated to Monsignor. In 1935 he was Protonotary Apostolic and Canon of St. Peter's Basilica. He seemed to be appointed In 1937 to Substitute Secretary of State, but this feature eventually went to Giovanni Battista Montini. Pius XII invited confalonieri to become Archbishop of Modena and Abbot of the Benedictine monasteryof Nonantola, he declined.

On 27 March 1941 by Pope Pius XII , he was appointed Archbishop of L'Aquila. On 25 January 1950 he became Secretary of the Congregation for seminaries and universities, a month later to titular Archbishop of Nicopolis ad Nestum.

During the Consistory of december 15, 1958, he was created Cardinal by Pope John XXIII . The St. Agnes outside the walls became his title Church. In 1959 he was Archpriest of the Basilica of Mary major and Secretary of the Congregation for bishops. In 1965 he would be prefect of this same congregation. In addition, from 1962 to 1965 he was President of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America. In 1963 , he took part in the conclave that Pope Paul VI chose as a successor of John XXIII. From 1970 to 1973 he was President of the Pontifical Commission for the pastoral care in relation to emigration and tourism. In 1973 , he laid down all its functions.

In 1972 he became Cardinal-Bishop of Palestrina. In 1974 he became vice-dean of the College of Cardinals in 1977 and blanket. In that capacity he led the funerals of the Popes Paul VI and John Paul I. In the conclaves of 1978 he could not participate because he was older than 80 years. When after the papal conclave of October 1978 the protodeacon the Habemus Papam uttered on the balcony of St. Peter 's, many Italians thought, after hearing the name Cardinal Carolum, just that the old Confolinieri was chosen. Karol Woityła was then still so unknown to them.

The cardinal died in Rome. His funeral was celebrated in Saint Peter's Basilica, where Pope John Paul II went for. He was buried next to his parents, in the cemetery of Seveso.

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