Charles Francis Joseph Ludwig Hubertus George Otto Marie (Persenbeug-Gottsdorf17 August 1887 - FunchalMadeira1 april 1922) was as Charles I (Karl I.) the last emperor of Austria and (as Charles IV IV. Károly) King of Hungary (Austria-Hungary). He is in the Roman Catholic Church as blessed honored.


Charles was the eldest son of Archduke Otto Francis (1865-1906) and Princess Maria Josepha of Saxony (1867-1944), daughter of King George of Saxony. After the murder of his uncle Franz Ferdinand (1914), Charles Crown Prince and followed in 1916 his great-uncle Franz Joseph I as Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary. On 30 november 1916, he was, according to tradition, in Budapest by the Hungarian Primate, the Archbishop of Esztergom, János Cardinal Csernoch (1852-1927) with theStefanskroon crowned King. Charles was never formally to Austrian monarch crowned. In 1917 he tried in vain to end the first world war . His peace proposals, both of German and Allied side, were not accepted, partly because of the Sixtus affair. The Austro-Hungarian armies collapsed in the course of 1918 in. After the lost war the dual monarchy dissolved Austria-Hungary and forced Charles to lay down his crowns. From Switzerland he tried in vain to get back on the Hungarian throne. He was exiled toMadeirain 1922, where he died of complications of pneumonia. Karel is buried in the Church of Monte in Madeira. His son Otto succeeded him as head of the House of Habsburg.


On Sunday 3 October 2004 on the Saint Peter's square in Rome beatified by Pope John Paul II. His feast day is on 21 October. He is the patron of Madeira.

"I hope Emperor Charles will serve as an example, especially for those with political responsibilities in Europe", were the words of Pope John Paul II, with which he was referring to the attempts of Charles I to peace during the first world war. Critics, especially in Austria, point out, however, that Charles I during the same war has called for the use of poison gas and point to his attempts to come to power again in Hungary. The president of Austria, the Social Democrat Heinz Fischer was not present at this beatification for various reasons.

Marriage and children[Edit]Edit

Charles married in 1911 with Zita of Bourbon-Parma, daughter of Robert I of Parma. The couple had eight children:

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