Charles Spencer "Charlie" Chaplin Jr.(KBE) (WalworthLondon16 april 1889 , VeveySwitzerland– 25 december 1977) was an English artistactorDirector,composer and comedian. In addition, he also did to pantomime and vaudeville. He was in the time of the birth of the cinema film in the United States one of the most famous movie stars in the world. Later he was also film director. His most famous role was that of the Wanderer (The Tramp), a male from simple descent with a small mustache and a considerable personal dignity. With a tight jacket, a rotting (rattan walking stick) and a hat he again and again in everyday life from an underdog situation to overcome its difficulties. Chaplin played this role with great success from 1914 to 1936 in dozens of films.


[hide]*1 Biography


Charlie Chaplin was born as a son of Charles Chaplin and Hannah Harriette Hill, both of whom worked in travelling theatre companies. [1Hannah has performed under the stage name Lily Harley. Soon after his birth his parents went apart, after which he was left with his mother. She spent the little Charlie and his half-brother Sydney in the Poorhouse (' workhouse '), where after a few weeks were transferred to a school for orphans and abandoned children in Hanwell. Father Chaplin died when Charlie was twelve years as an alcoholic, his mother collapsed mentally in and was eventually incorporated in an old people's home, the Cane Hill Asylum at Croydon. She died in 1928. Later discovered Charlie and Sydney that they still had a half brother, Wheeler Dryden (August 31, 1892 – 30 september 1957), also a son of their mother, actor and later working at Charlie. In 1910 , he emigrated to the United States.

[1][2]Chaplin as Adenoid Hynkel inThe Great Dictator (1940)

There are a lot of uncertainties around Chaplin's birth. He was born in an artists family, but the birthplace Walworth is uncertain. There is no birth certificate drawn up. Victoria Chaplin discovered In 2011 in a locked drawer of a desk in the air raid shelter under Chaplins villa a letter that throws a new light on Chaplin's birth and descent. In 1971 had the British Lion Tamer Jack Hill after reading Chaplins memoirs[2to Chaplin written that they both in the caravan of a Gypsy Queen on a gypsy camp in Birmingham were born. The Gipsy was Hills aunt. Hill added in a Post Scriptum that he not on blackmail was out. Hannah Harriette Hill was according to Hill on the way to the circus of her father and later settled in London. About the veracity of the letter is no certainty to obtain more, all witnesses are now deceased, but Victoria Chaplin calls the letter "authentic" and Michael Chaplin suspects that his father the letter about the Gypsy origin has attached because the letter was saved so carefully. [3[4]

Chaplin did the typical poking fun[5][6of the Jews[7(the so-called "toffee heels") after that he, the poor Jews in Whitechapeldistrict of London had seen. [8Charles himself was not Jewish and he was grew up in Lambeth ,[9but his half-brother was Jewish. Therefore denied Chaplin, who vehemently against anti-Semitism and all forms of racism was, never that he would be Jewish. [10]

Silent films were equally easy to understand for a Chinese audience as an American; Chaplin was literally a world star. With the advent of sound film, his reputation began to wane;his strength lay in silent game. While he was in the United States accused Mccarthyism from "anti-American activities" (that he would be a communist ). In 1952 during the promotion of his film Limelight in England he decided after problems with the US immigration service (Additionally let FBIChief j. Edgar Hoover Chaplins course check), no more to return to the United States. He left for Switzerland.

Much less known is that he was also a composer as well as actor and Director. He wrote among other things works for cello solo (one of the instruments he also himself, left handed, played), and the film music at his own film Modern Times with the world famous number Smile.

Chaplin was for many years one of the most famous artists in the world. Traffic had to be arranged where he appeared. Chaplin was treasure of America[11]. Politics he became known as the far left. Conservative American newspapers, the FBI and conservative politicians were very negative about Chaplin and his private life.

Marriages and children[Edit]Edit

Chaplin has been married four times (and had dozens of affaires). With:

  • Mildred Harris; they had a son, Norman Spencer Chaplin (nicknamed "The Little Mouse"), this child died three days later.
  • Lita Grey; they had two sons Charlie and Sydney.
  • Paulette Goddard, no legal marriage.
  • Oona O'Neill. Daughter of playwright Eugene O'Neill. When they married was Charlie 54 and O'Neill just 18. The marriage was described as happy. They had three sons: Christopher, Eugene and Michael Chaplin and five daughters: Geraldine (also a well known actress), Josephine, Jane, Victoria and Annette-Emilie Chaplin.


  • In Chaplin received the price of the 1954 Council for world peace. The money he gave away to the poor of Paris and London.
  • In 1965 Chaplin received from the hands of Prince Bernhard in Rotterdam the Erasmus Prize.
  • In 1971 was awarded the Grande Chaplin Paris the Vermeil Medal.
  • In 1972 an Academy Honorary Award in America got Chaplin for his entire oeuvre. He then got the longest standing ovation in the history of the Oscars.
  • Chaplin In 1975 was knighted by Queen Elizabeth. Thus change his name and that of his wife officially in Sir Charles and Lady Chaplin.


Charlie Chaplin died in his sleep in 1977 during the night/morning of first day of cardiac arrest and was 88 years old.

His corpse was stolen on 8 March 1978. The plan was to ransom, this failed and the thieves were arrested. The corpse was 11 weeks later recovered and reburied at the Lake Geneva under 180 cm of concrete. [12]


  • Rumor has it that Chaplin participated in the 1920s to a Charlie Chaplin-look-alikewedstrijd. In this he would not even have made the final round. Possible concerns here, however, a persistent myth that holding out for almost a hundred years. [13]