Chico Marx, Leonard Marx, (March 22, 1887 – October 11, 1961) was an American actor/comedian/musician. He was one of the sons of Sam and Minnie Marx: The Marx Brothers.


Chico is born in New York, as the second child in the family of Marx, but his older brother Manfred died at an early age. The name Chico he would owe to the fact that he used always chasing women sat (recommended recommended chicken chaser). But for the same money saves it on his charm, his way of women get behind him. Chico played in all shows and movies of The Marx Brothers. Always in the role of the masher, the womanizing, the riotous scammer. He cultivated here also an Italian image for, with an Italian accent.

Chico was also an incurable compulsive gambler. Throughout his life he had to continue because he is, always was his money on. In the beginning then in the shows, the films and the radio, and later yet again shows and as a musician, back in the small circuit of halls where he had started. When he was once asked how much money he had already lost, his reply was: "he has Harpo question but how many earned, so much I lost". Yet it was the fact that he did not always bad, he wanted to dignify a guess was the one who took the initiatives. Chico came up with the idea for the musical show that would prove to be their breakthrough. And Chico was the one they pulled through it when it was sitting against.

With its charm played Chico much ready. When Minnie Marx withdrew himself as manager, has Chico that retrieved. In that time he got for each other that they could play on Broadway, that they got an invitation from London and last but not least, that Irving Thalberg of MGM wanted to work with them.

Chico and Harpo could much alike, appeared as twin through life. It's been like this even once that Chico, dressed as Harpo with Harpo's wig and clothing was acting in a TV game, and that he could keep fooling all panel members, including his brother Groucho.

Chico married on 22 March 1917 with Betty Carp, their daughter Maxine was born in January 1918. In 1940 divorced Chico and Betty. Mary De Vithas Chico with remarried In August 1958. In 1980 the book "Growing up with Chico", in which Maxine about her childhood experiences with her father tells. Maxine Marx died on september 14, 2009.

Chico died on 11 October 1961 in Hollywood, to the effects of arteriosclerosis. A man held a eulogy at his funeral, which sketched a totally wrong picture of Chico. The comment by Harpo to this was: "Please hire a mime player in for my funeral". He is buried in Glendale, California.


Chico Marx starred in the following movies:

Film Year Role
Humor Risk 1921 (Italian)?
The Cocoanuts 1929 Chico
Animal Crackers 1930 Signor Emanuel Ravelli
Monkey Business 1931 A Stowaway
The House That Shadows Built 1931
Horse Feathers 1932 Barovelli
Hollywood on Parade No. 5 1932
Duck Soup 1933 Chicolini
Hollywood on Parade No. 9 1933
A Night at the Opera 1935 Fiorello
A Day at the Races 1937 Tony
Room Service 1938 Harry Baggett
At the Circus 1939 Antonio Pirelli
Go West 1940 Joseph Panello
The Big Store 1941 Ravelli
Screen snapshot no. 110 1943
A Night in Casablanca 1946 Corbaccio
Love Happy 1949 Faustino
The Story of Mankind 1957 Monk
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