Christopher Stephen (Chris) Grayling (MaryleboneLondon, 1 april 1962) is a British conservative party politician. He is the current Minister of Justice.

Grayling was in 2001 for Epsom and Ewell in the elected House of Commons . In 2010, he was given the post of Secretary of State in charge of labour affairs in the cabinet-Cameron. On 4 september 2012 he succeeded Kenneth Clarke as Minister of Justice and Lord Chancellor. He is the first Lord Chancellor since Anthony Ashley Cooper (17th century) who is not a lawyer.

Prior to his political career, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in history at the University of Cambridge and then worked in the television world, including the BBC. From 1997 until his election in 2001, he was a management consultant.

Before he became a member of the conservative party he was affiliated with the Social Democratic Party, one of the two precursors of the Liberal Democrats.

Chris Grayling is married, has two children and plays cricket in his spare time.