Conor Dwyer ( Winnetka ( Illinois ), January 10 1989 ) is an American swimmer who specializes in the medium and long distances. He represented his country at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London .


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Career edit ]Edit

Conor Dwyer swam between 2007 and 2009 for the University of Iowa without really letting record. Huge outliers For the season 2009/2010 he moved with the help of Janet Evans of the University of Florida, where he trains with the likes of Ryan Lochte . He was immediately elected NCAA swimmer of the year and won individual titles at the NCAA college championshipsin the 200 and 500 yard freestyle.

He continued his march and came in the 2010/2011 season with the U.S. national team and placed himself at the U.S. swimming championships 2010 in Irvine for the 2011 world swimming championships in Shanghai as a member of the relay team in the 4x200 meter freestyle. In Shanghai he swam along with David Walters , Ricky Berens and Peter Vanderkaayin the series that relay in the finals dragged Berens and Vanderkaay along with Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, the world hold. For his part in the series Dwyer was awarded the gold medal. At the Pan-American Games 2011 in Guadalajara , the Americans captured the silver medal in both the 200 and the 400 meter individual medley. The 4x200-meter freestyle with he explained Scot Robison , Charlie Houchin and Matt Patton batter on the gold medal. Along with William Copeland , Christopher Brady and Eugene Godsoe swam in the series of the 4x100-meter freestyle in the finals dragged Copeland and Brady along with Robert Savulich Scot Robison and the silver medal in the hold. For his part in the series, he received the silver medal.

During the 2012 Summer Olympics in London Dwyer swam to fifth in the 400 meters freestyle. Along with Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte and Ricky Berens he became Olympic champion in the 4x200 meter freestyle . In Istanbul , the American took part in the World Cup short course swimming in 2012 . In this tournament, he won the bronze medal in the 200 meter freestyle, he also finished fifth in the 200 meter individual medley and sixth in the 100m medley. The 4x200 meter freestyle along with Ryan Lochte, he explained Michael Klueh and Matt McLean seized on the world.

During the 2013 swimming world championships in Barcelona , he and Ricky Berens, Ryan Lochte and Charles Houchin seized the world title in the 4x200-meter freestyle. In the 200 meter freestyle, he won the silver medal, behind Yannick Agnel .

International tournaments edit ]Edit

Year Olympics World Cup long track World Short Course PanPacs Pan American Games
2011 [1]

4x200m Freestyle  Dwyer swam only the series

[2]200m Medley 400m Medley 4x100m Freestyle Dwyer swam only the series 4x200m freestyle

[3] [4]


2012 5th 

400m freestyle  [6]4x200m Freestyle

[7]200m Freestyle 6th 100m Medley 5th 200m Medley 4x200m Freestyle


2013 [9]

4x200m freestyle  [10]4x100m Freestyle  Dwyer swam only the series [11]200m Freestyle  10th 200m Medley

Personal records Edit ]Edit

(Updated to August 8, 2013)

Short Course
Distance Time Date Place
200m Freestyle 1.41,30 August 11, 2013 Berlin
400m Freestyle 3.40,10 August 10, 2013 Berlin
200m Medley 1.53,03 August 11, 2013 Berlin
400m Medley 3.59,90 August 10, 2013 Berlin
Distance Time Date Place
200m Freestyle 1.46,25 June 26, 2013 Indianapolis
400m Freestyle 3.46,24 July 28, 2012 London
200m Medley 1.57,74 June 29, 2013 Indianapolis
400m Medley 4.15,97 August 2, 2011 Stanford