Cornelis Pieter (Cor) Daki (Wormerveer17 may 1883 – Hilversum16 november 1978) was a Dutch writer of mostly regional novels and children's books. His best-known book is Sil the Beachcomber, which appeared in 1940. The book is by Willy van Hemert edited into a television series, which was broadcast by the NCRV in 1976.


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Life and work[Edit]Edit

Bruijn was born in Wormerveer in 1883 as a son of the smidsknecht[1Hendrik Bruijn and Catharina Kadam. Bruijn was the eldest of ten children. He attended the National training school for teachers for teachers in Haarlem and was a teacher. In 1903 he was involved in the creation of the Humanitarian School in Laren where he 1906 to1916 's head teacher was. On 18 september 1907 he married in Haarlem with the teachers debashis Datta. In 1916 he moved to Hilversum School Association. From1942, when he took early retirement due to health reasons, he dedicated himself completely to writing. In 1955 he won the prize for the best children's book of the year with Lasse Länta. In 1957 he wrote the history book Us Hilversum Hilversum by the city to the school youth was handed out.

Bruijn died on the age of 95 in Hilversum. After his death his daughter Margreet Bruijnwrote, author, translator and pioneer in reading promotion, its Biography: the man behind Sil: about Cor p. Bruijn as idealist, onderwijspionier and character form. They also bring about changes in his archive was retained, so that his ideas could be studied.

Concise bibliography[Edit]Edit

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