David Millar ( Mtarfa ( Malta ), January 4 1977 ) is a British cyclist . Millar rides since 2008 Garmin Sharp and specializes in the time trial . The Scot was arrested in 2004 on suspicion of EPO use, which he confessed. For this he was suspended for two years, after which he returned to the peloton as fierce opponent of doping.

The most successful years of David Millar were 2001 (8 wins, 16th in the UCI rankings) and 2003 (6 wins, 20th in the UCI rankings).


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Biography edit ]Edit

Successes edit ]Edit

[1][2]Millar on the Col de la Colombierein the 7th stage of the Tour de France 2007

Millar turned pro in 1997 at Cofidis , which he prologue of the year in his debut Tour of the Future won. The following year he did that trick over again with even a second stage win and he also wrote the trial of the Three Days of De Panne in his name. In 2000 Millar won the prologue of the Tour de France and a year later he was very successful with eight victories, including wins in the end again Circulation Sarthe and the Tour of Denmark . He was also the second year at the World Championships in Lisbon behind Jan Ullrich . Millar knew already assured victory and came up with a victory gesture over the line, but Ullrich rode a strong lock and if so the rainbow jersey receipt. Two years later, Millar was still the strongest in the World Cup 2003 in Hamilton.

Doping edit ]Edit

In 2004, shortly before the start of the Tour de France doping affair came from his former team Cofidis to light. Millar was suspectedEPO to have used and was arrested on June 24 [1] . Millar gave his sins, and confessed that he had used. Since August 2001 indeed regularly epo He said "to have been the fame and the money a prisoner" [2] . He said he had received from his teammate the epo Massimiliano Lelli and later his director Jesus Losa . [3] . Following his statement, David Millar was suspended for two years.Also part of Millars were victories of his record is deleted, including his world time trial title in 2003. This title came as a result to the original number two of the World Cup, Michael Rogers . He too was fired by his employer Cofidis, the team where Millar had ridden for than seven years.

In interviews Millar said to have regrets and his example to be using it for work for the prevention of doping. In February 2005 it changed CAS Millars the date of suspension, so it is no longer on August 5, but on June 23, 2006 came to an end [4]

After his suspension edit ]Edit

In late November 2005, the Scot signed with Saunier Duval [5] and in 2006 he returned to the peloton, when his suspension expired in June of that year. In the Tour of Spain that year Millar tied back with a victory by winning the 14th ride a time trial. The following year he won the prologue of Paris-Nice , and he was British champion on the road and in the time trial. Later that year, it was announced that he signed with Team Slipstream [6] , a notable step, as his new employer, a fierce anti-doping policy conducted. For his new team he rode in 2008 include the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France . In the Giro , he and his team won the team time trial. A few days later he was in it an escape, then just before the start of the last kilometer chain failed. Out of frustration, he threw his bike over the fence.

In 2010, David Millar was second time trial at the World Championships and in the same discipline he won gold at the Commonwealth Games .

In June 2011 Millar released his autobiography: Racing Through the Dark . Here he talks extensively about his entire life, and especially about his drug use.

In October 2013 announced at after season 2014 will stop cycling [7] .

Personal life edit ]Edit

Millar is married and is the father of two sons.

Important victories edit ]Edit

[3][4]David Millar of Team Slipstream-Chipotle;1997

  • [5] British track cycling championships, Pursuit, Elite
  • Stage 14 Tour of Spain

Results in principal competitions edit ]Edit

Year [ Tour of 


[ Tour de 


[ Tour of 


2000 62 (1)
2001 task  41 (2)
2002 68 (1) task 
2003 55 (1) 102e (1)
2006 58th  64 (1)
2007 69th 
2008 94th (1) 68th 
2009 task  85th  80 (1)
2010 task  158th  107th 
2011 100e (1) 76 (1)
2012 106th (1)
2013 task  113th 

(*) In brackets number of stage wins, including the team time trial in the Giro 2008 and Tour 2011

Year Milan-San Remo Tour of Flanders Amstel Gold Race Liège-Luik-Bast. World Cup on the road World rankings
2003 24th 86th
2004 129th
2006 35th 134th (UPT)
2007 71 54th 50th (UPT)
2008 99th 74 90th task
2009 task 100e (UWR)
2010 105th 32 task 162nd (UWR)
2011 113th 114th 23 (UWT)
2012 112th