Dirk Coster (Delft7 July 1887 -d. Dresden, 8 October 1956) was a Dutch essayistcritic and playwright.

Dan started with sixteen years at the De Groene Amsterdammer. Following his book work and essence of criticism in 1912 there was a polemic between Coster and Willem Kloos. His work has been both praised as reviled. In the 1930s, to the editor of the leading literary magazine Forum he could do no good and e. du Perron wrote the critical Hours with Dirk Coster. Later he took anything, because he recognized him as a fellow combatant against the national socialism. After the Second World War was played out on the literary stage role Costers. In 1954 , he received an honorary doctorate from the University of Amsterdam.

In 1963, in the grounds of the girls ' House on the corner of the old Delft and the butter bridge in Delft placed a bust of Coster, manufactured by the Delft artist Henk Etienne.

The Dirk Coster square in the district Court in Delft is named after him.



  • 1912 - work and essence of criticism
  • 1919 - Marginalia
  • 1920 - the development of modern Dutch .lit. in the new European spirit in arts and letters
  • 1920 - Dostoevsky, an essay
  • 1924 - new sounds
  • 1925 - Collected prose I
  • 1927 - Collected prose II
  • 1927 - De Nederlandsche poetry in one hundred verses
  • 1931 - sketchbook
  • 1931 - Where are we going?
  • 1935 - the child in poetry
  • 1939 - the second book of Marginalia
  • 1942 - People, times, books
  • 1948 - the life and death of William of Orange
  • 1961 - 1970 - collected works (twelve issues)
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