Edward John "Eddie" Izzard (Aden (Yemen), 7 February 1962) is a British stand-up comedian and actor. He is best known for his stand-up performances, but in addition to his tours he is actor on television, in theater and in movies, and he does a lot of charity work. He also appeared in television programmes such as Have I Got News for YouWhose Line Is It Anyway? and the pilot episode of QI. He won two Emmy Awards In 2000 with his show Dress to Kill, one for writing and one for individual action.


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Comic style[Edit]Edit

Izzards style is influenced by Monty Python, especially the way he during performances from one on the other topic passes. He works for his dyslexia rarely from a script.He interrupts himself often with new jokes or ideas, the characters he plays turn into another, and he nonchalantly an analysis of human history to thoughts on household appliances.

In 2008, are Strippedtour, Izzard began using Wikipedia (the English language) as part of the action. Hereby he read from his iPhone , which he made jokes about from articles for the way Wikipedia deals with himself. He has special effects include the use of the articles on herringspoonopera and kabukiHồ Chí Minh.

Although he discusses in his humor often sensitive issues, especially religion, it is usually not common or insulting. He also talks a lot about himself and his own personality, for example his cross-dressing ("it is my goal to have a dress to wear in all seven continents").


Izzard describes himself as a "action transvestite", a "male tomboy" or "male lesbian", and not "weird" transvestite-as an example at that type he calls j. Edgar Hoover. He wears women's clothes, regularly both on stage and beyond. For him is just not sexual, he finds it pleasant travesty to wear clothes that in the Western world are seen as typically female. He said in one of his shows: "women wear what they want, and so do I". According to Izzard most transvestites on women. He denies that he is homosexual, and says that he is either straight , or a "male lesbian". He has also described himself as "a lesbian woman, trapped in a male body", but it doesn't seem like that he meant that he is transgender and lesbian.


On 18 March 2007, Izzard on number 3 of the list of 100 Greatest Comedians by Channel 4. In a poll in 2005 to find the comedian's Comedian , he was chosen by his peers in the top 20 of best comedy acts. On the list of 100 greatest stand-ups ever by Comedy Central , he was at number 75.

During the television special it's ... the Monty Python Story,[1which he presented, John Cleese called him the "Lost Python"; later he performed with the group, where he replaced the deceased Graham Chapman .

In 2008, Izzard of the "Literary and Historical Society" the James Joyce Award.


On 27 July 2009, Izzard started with a seven-week marathon by the United Kingdom to raise money for Sport Relief. He ran 43 marathons in 51 days. Izzard ran through England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland and carried the flag of the country in which he walked. Izzard had trained for this performance only two weeks and many (medical) specialists advised him this company very much off. Despite a few setbacks such as fatigue and a sprained ankle, finished Izzard on september 15th, 2009 with his best time (5 hours and 30 seconds). Eddie Izzard won a special award as BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2009 for this achievement and the BBC sent a documentary on his trip with the name: Eddie Iz Running. Izzard then trained for a Ironman Triathlon because he otherwise sin was made of his accumulated condition.


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