Eino Tamberg ( Tallinn , May 27th 1930 - there, December 24 2010 ) was an Estonian composer .

Biography edit ]Edit

In Estonia he first gained fame through his songs ( 1955 ), based on the verses of Sándor Petofi, and his Concerto Grosso ( 1956 ).

His vision on music composition belonged to the so-called New Wave of Estonian music. His music also attracted attention outside Estonia. Since early 1960 he received worldwide acclaim. Although he wrote his music in all common genres were still his music for the theater and symphonic music prevalent.

He is one of the most important representatives of neoclassicism in Estonian music, although his work in recent years a more expressionist got character.

Since 1969 , he lectured at the Estonian Academy of Music in 1983 , he also received his appointment as a professor here. Before the concert season 1997 - 1998 he was chosen as composer-in-residence at the National Symphony Orchestra of Estonia.

Work edit ]Edit

His most notable works are the ballet tentate Johanna ( 1971 ) and the Trumpet Concerto No. 1 ( 1972 ), this trumpet concerto became one of his most popular works and was not only in Europe but also in Hong Kong and Singaporeperformed.

Other works he wrote for solo instruments, are the Violin Concerto ( 1981 ), the Saxophone Concerto ( 1987 ), the Clarinet Concerto ( 1996 ) and the Trumpet Concerto no 2 ( 1997 ).

His second opera, Cyrano de Bergerac , went in ( 1976 ) premiered at the Estonian Theatre . This work (Op. 45) is a romantic opera in three acts and an epilogue. He composed it in 1974 to, libretto by Jaan Kross , based on the play byEdmond Rostand , and this followed the structure of the early Baroque operas.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the United Nations ( 1995 ), he wrote his Celebration Fanfaresse , his first performance in New York under the guidance of experienced Neeme Järvi .

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