Erik Vendt ( Newton ( Massachusetts ), January 9 1981 ) is a former American swimmer . He represented his country at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney , the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens and the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing .


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Career edit ]Edit

On his international debut at the 1999 Pan Pacific swimming championships in Sydney Vendt finished fifth in the 400 meters individual medley.

During the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, the Americans captured the silver medal in the 400 meter individual medley and he finished sixth in the 1,500 m freestyle.

At the 2001 world swimming championships in Fukuoka Vendt won the silver medal in the 400 meter medley awaits.

In Moscow, the American took part in the World Cup short course swimming in 2002 , at this tournament, he finished fourth in the 1500 meters freestyle and sixth in the 400 meters individual medley. The 4x200-meter freestyle with he explained Chad Carvin , Scott Tucker and Klete Keller seized the bronze medal. The 4x100 meter freestyle he swam with Aaron Peirsol , Scott Tucker and Jason Lezak in the series, in the final captured Tucker and Lezak with Peter Marshall and Klete Keller the world. For his efforts in the series Vendt was rewarded with a gold medal. During the 2002 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships in Yokohama captured the American silver medal at both the 1500-meter freestyle and the 400-meter medley, the 400-meter freestyle, he finished fifth.

At the World Aquatics Championships 2003 in Barcelona Vendt won the bronze medal in the wait for the 1500 freestyle.

During the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, the Americans captured the silver medal in the 400 meter medley at the 1500 freestyle, he was stranded in the series.

Comeback edit ]Edit

Vendt stopped after the Athens Olympics in swimming, but decided in the spring of 2006 to return to the pool back. He started training under Bob Bowman, coach of Michael Phelps at Club Wolverine. He made ​​his comeback on the international stage during the Pan Pacific swimming championships in 2006 in Victoria , Canada , in this tournament, he won the silver medal in the 1500 meters freestyle and finished ninth in the 400 meters individual medley.

At the World Aquatics Championships in 2007 in Melbourne ended the American eighth in the 1,500-meter freestyle and was eliminated in the series of the 800-meter freestyle.

During the U.S. Olympic Trials in Omaha (Nebraska) Vendt qualified for the Games in the 4x200 meter freestyle relay. In Beijing, he swam with David Walters , Ricky Berens and Klete Keller in the series, in the final captured Berens and Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte and Peter Vanderkaay the gold medal. For his efforts in the series Vendt received the gold medal.

After the Beijing Olympics, he announced for the second time in his career, his farewell to the sport on. He went to work in the financial sector.

International tournaments edit ]Edit

Year Olympics World Cup long track World Short Course Pan Pacifics
1999 no participation 5th 400m Medley
2000 6th 1500m Freestyle 400m Medley


no participation
2001 [2] 400m Medley
2002 4th 1500m Freestyle 6th 400m Medley 4x100m Freestyle Vendt swam only the series4x200m freestyle



[5]1500m Freestyle 5th 400m Freestyle 400m Medley


2003 [7] 1500m Freestyle
2004 16th 1500m Freestyle 400m Medley


no participation
2005 no participation
2006 no participation [9]1500m Freestyle 9th 400m Medley
2007 9th 800m Freestyle 9th 1500m Freestyle
2008 [10]4x200m Freestyle Vendt swam only in the series no participation

Personal records Edit ]Edit

Short Course edit ]Edit

Distance Time Date Place
400m Freestyle  3.42,81 March 23, 2000 Minneapolis
800m Freestyle  7.44,22 March 23, 2000 Minneapolis
1500m Freestyle 14.31,02 March 23, 2000 Minneapolis
400m Medley  4.08,22 March 23, 2000 Minneapolis

Langebaan edit ]Edit

Distance Time Date Place
200m Freestyle  1.46,94 June 30, 2008 Omaha
400m Freestyle  3.43,92 June 29, 2008 Omaha
800m Freestyle  7.48,91 February 18, 2008 Columbia
1500m Freestyle 14.46,78 May 18, 2008 Santa Clara
400m Medley  4.11,27 August 12, 2002 Fort Lauderdale
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