Ewald Purcy Meyer ( Paramaribo , February 18 1930 - september 1988 ) was a Surinamese teacher and politician.

He began his teaching career with an auxiliary instrument and later graduated his teacher's certificate and the main act. During that period he taught at schools in the Moravian Church (EBG). In 1956 he went into Netherlands pedagogystudy at the 'Free Methods in Amsterdam. He obtained his deed MO-A and MO-B Education. In 1963 he returned to his homeland, where he became a teacher training college pedagogy in Suriname. When Albert Cameron in 1963 became Minister of Education, Meyer succeeded him as director of the Training School for teachers-A.

After the 1967 elections, he again followed by Cameron, but this time on behalf of the National Party of Suriname (NPS) as Minister of Education. In November 1968, the opening took place at the University of Suriname (from 1983, theAnton de Kom University of Suriname ). Premier Pengel had promised wage increases in 1966 include the teaching staff but due to financial restrictions imposed on the Netherlands had Surinamese government, he could not fulfill that promise. An education strike in the spring of 1969 marked the premature end of this government. Meyer then came back in his old job.

He later became director of the department of education which he would remain until he died in 1988 at age 58.

In 2004, the Lyceum 2 at Mr. J Eduard Brumastraat, formerly Weidestraat, Paramaribo is named after him: the Ewald P. Meyer Lyceum .

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