Ferruccio Parri (Pinerolo19 January 1890 - Romedecember 8, 1981) was an Italian politician and anti-fascist. He studied literature and was Professor of. During the first world war he was war volunteer at the Italian-Austrian front.

After the first world war, Benito Mussolini 's fascists to power (1922). Parri became a militant anti-fascist and turned against the dictator. In 1927 , he was a member of a clandestine anti-fascist resistance group. In 1933 he was arrested, but after his release he continued to oppose itself against fascism. In 1942 began to turn the tide for fascism and grew the anti-fascist movement. In that year the National Liberation Committee (CNL) was set up, which was one of the Board members Parri. He was again arrested, but came after the fall of Mussolini in July 1943 free again.

With Pietro Nenni (socialist) and Alcide De Gasperi (Christian Democrat), he led the to after his release (the fascists and the Germans had held North Italy where-the now-freed Mussolini and the German occupiers sheets distributed yet). Parri founded the Italian Action-Party (Partito fasci d'Azione, PA) on.

In June 1945 was Parri Prime Minister of a coalition Government of the Action Party, the Christian Democratic Party and the Italian Socialist Party of the Pietro Nenni. This coalition Government functioned badly and was replaced by a Christian Democrat/Socialist/Communist/liberal coalition of Alcide De Gasperi in december 1945.

In March 1946 the Parri left Action-Party and was a member of the Democratic-Republican party, later renamed the Italian Radical Party. From 1948 to 1958 he was senator for the radicals and then from 1958 until his death for the Italian Socialist Party (called 'Nenni-Socialists '). In 1963 he became senator-for-the-life.

Ferruccio Parri was editor-in-Chief of the journal L'Astrolabio.