Floris Bosveld (Groningen1 January 1992) is a Dutch dancer.

Life Course[Edit]Edit

Bosveld was born and raised in Groningen. His parents had a dance school and so is Bali at a young age came in contact with the dancing. From the age of thirteen he intensively go dancing. By over the years at different dance schools to have developed its own dance style danced Bosveld.

In 2010, he participated in the talent show So You Think You Can Dance. Bosveld knew to win this show and won a cash prize worth € 25,000, a dance training in America of your choice and a recurring role in the first Dutch dance film Body Language by Johan Nijenhuis. [1]

There was a moment doubted or Bali would do in Body Language since the recordings during his final exams. He wanted to get his diploma first and only then think about his further career. Balamurugan and producer Nac are together to form a solution where Bali still could do with them and had enough time to prepare for his final exams. [2][3]

During Serious Request 2010 gave Bali along with So You Think You Can Dance-main choreographer Roy Julen and fellow finalist Lise a masterclass for 3FM. the proceeds also went to the Red Cross.

Bosveld also danced in the clip number 1 by Rev a Ros feat. Cynthia Villarreal. The proceeds from the single went to the children's Aid Foundation.

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