Francisco F. Benitez (Pagsanjan1 June 1887 - Manila30 June 1951) was University Filipino driver.


Francisco Benitez was born on 1 June 1887 in Pagsanjan in Lagunaprovince. He was the third son of judge Higinio Benitez and Soledad Francia and an older brother of Conrado Benitez. Benitez studied at the Philippine Normal School in 1905. After he had worked as a teacher for a short time he left for the United States, where he studied at the State Fair with a Western Illinois State Normal School and earned a bachelor's degree education at the Teachers College of Columbia.

Back in the Philippines from 1910 to 1912 he was headmaster of Paquil Elementary School and gave lessons at the Philippine Normal School, followed by a year and a year at the University of the Philippines (UP). In 1914, he moved again to the us for his master-training at the Columbia University. After his return in 1915, he was appointed Director of the Department of child development. After the Division in 1918 had become a separate faculty was Benitez appointed as the first Dean.

That same year he founded the Philippine Journal of Education on. Benitez was editor of the magazine. In 1929, he was awarded a "University Medal" from Columbia University for his introduced improvements in the education of the UP. In 1935 was Benitez one of the members of the Education Commission established by president Manuel L. Quezon that the education system in the Philippines had to take a closer look. After theSecond World War , he was appointed by president Sergio Osmeña to Ministry of education. At the end of his period as a Minister, in May 1946, he was Dean of the Faculty of pedagogy.

Benitez died at the age of 64. He was married to writer Paz Marquez-Benitez and got with her four children.

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