Franky Geepseudonym of Francisco Alejandro Gutierrez (Havana19 February 1962 - Palma de Mallorca22 October 2005) was an American singer. He was best known as the lead singer of Captain Jack.

Franky Gee was born in Havana, but emigrated at a young age with his family to Miami. In the 1980s he was a member of the u.s. military. He was some time stationed in the then West Germany, and decided, after he had left the army, to stay there. He was insurance agent and worked for some time at the Frankfurtstock exchange. Later he was also active in the music. With some friends, he founded the dance-Group on West side , however without much success.

His career gained momentum when he came with his friends Udo and Richard and Liza the project with singer Captain Jack started. The music, based on the drilling of recruitsin the (American) army, scoredhitswith some of the world's international good. Later it was quieter around Captain Jack. In Germany they scored a few small hits.

On 7 July 2002 got a completely unexpected strokeFranky Gee. He was lying three days in coma, but healed completely. In 2003 Captain Jack made a comeback, and in 2005celebrated the Group's 10th anniversary. On 17 October of that year, Franky Gee in Palma de Mallorca, however, again a kind of cerebral haemorrhage when he was walking with his son. He lay in a coma for five days he died.

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