Rampersad Frederick (Fred) Manichand ( October 10 1930 - Paramaribo , February 21 2000 ) was a Surinamese politician and notary.

Manichand studied law at the University of Utrecht , where he graduated. around 1958 After this he returned to his motherland. Upon the arrival of the second cabinet Pengel FR Manichand as Minister of Justice and Police, and: in 1967 two members of the party 'Action Group' minister were RL Jankie as Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries. After criticism of his policies stepped Manichand a year later. He then became the Staten but when Jankie also stepped in February 1969 he had to give that seat again. Later that year he became a notary. Manichand died in early 2000 at the age of 69.