Friedrich Ernst Müller (UtrechtJanuary 25, 1889 – Breukelen22 december 1960) was during the Second World War a National-Socialist driver.

Müller was a Utrecht-based manufacturer, engineer by training and owner of the Utrecht bone black company the legs kluif, already in the thirties great activities in the National Socialist Movement (NSB). He dedicated the studbook number 543. Müller was eight months during 1941 working as Commissioner of the Province (the National Socialist name of Queen's Commissioner in Utrecht. In this function, he was succeeded by Willem Bernard Engelbrecht.

On 10 October 1941, Müller was installed as Mayor of Rotterdam, after its predecessor, Old mayor had resigned after much criticism of the NSB that he not accommodating enough. Müller was installed by the Acting Mayor of Rotterdam, Aaron Davidson (of the SDAP) who complained about the character of the installation and chain left covered by Messenger. Müller was partly responsible for the rapid deportation of the Rotterdam Jews: most of the Jews were already in July 1942 through Westerbork Shed 24 to unloading. that was rather than for example Amsterdam. On the other hand, he was against the destruction of the ports;probably partly because of this is not the complete devastation of the ports remained in 1944.

During the war Müller showed a fervent propagandist for joining the German occupiers. On 7 May 1945, Müller was deposed and replaced by the Mayor Are, which he himself had succeeded in 1941. On 5 april 1946 he stood for a Particular Court. It demanded Mr. L.A. Dark ten years in prison and lifetime denial of the right to vote. On 16 april 1946, he was sentenced to ten years imprisonment, of which he served almost six years.

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