Karl Otto Friedrich (Fritz) Wunderlich ( Kusel , ( Pfalz ), 26 September 1930 - Heidelberg , September 17, 1966 ) was a German singer (lyric tenor ). He came from a musical family, his father Paul was a cellist , choirmaster and choir conductor . His mother Anna was a violinist . He had a clear voice with a range of over two octaves .

Wunderlich studied from 1950 to 1955 at the Musikhochschule in Freiburg and was attached to the State Opera immediately after Stuttgart , there came in 1958 the opera Frankfurt , and in 1960 that of Munich in.

In 1956 he married the harpist Eve Jungnitsch. The couple had three children Constanze (1957), Wolfgang (1959) and Barbara (1964). The family originally lived in Stuttgart, but later moved to Munich .

Wunderlich made ​​great tours to include Berlin, Aix-en-Provence, Buenos Aires, Edinburgh, London, Milan and Venice, where he also sang annually at the Salzburg Festival , and he had an extensive opera repertoire . Wunderlich was especially popular as Mozart - and Strauss interpreter, but he also sang Bach , especially the party in the evangelist Matthew Passion , and songs .

In the mid- sixties Wunderlich was at the peak of his career and he would act in the Metropolitan Opera in New York , when he fell short of his 36th birthday, the stairs in a hunting lodge with friends in Oberderdingen / Kraichgau. He sustained a skull fracture, from which he died the next day in a hospital in Heidelberg. Wunderlich was buried in Munich, at the Waldfriedhof (old part).

Luciano Pavarotti was a great admirer of him and called him one of the greatest tenors in history.

Discography edit ]Edit

He has numerous records included many are later reissued on CD. 
Renewal expenses:

  • Wunderlich Populär , CD , Polydor 2007
  • Fritz Wunderlich - Life and Legend . DVD Deutsche Grammophon 2006
  • Wunderlich privat . CD, Deutsche Grammophon 2006
  • The Magic of Wunderlich . 2 CD und DVD, Deutsche Grammophon 2005
  • The Art of Fritz Wunderlich . 7 CD Deutsche Grammophon 2005
  • Der letzte Lieder Abend . CD, Deutsche Grammophon 2003
  • Fritz Wunderlich - Schumann: Dichterliebe - 1 CD, Deutsche Grammophon 1966
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