Gabriele Tarquini (Giulianova Lido2 March 1962) is an Italian racing driver who now plays in the WORLD TOURING CAR CHAMPIONSHIP . Tarquini has set the record of the highest number of failed qualifications in the Formula 1.

The father of a go-kart track and Gabriele Tarquini had started early on with racing. In 1984 he became Italian, European and world kartingchampion. In addition, he played inFormula 3Formula 3000 and was a participant in the 24 hours of Le Mans. During the Grand Prix of San Marino in 1987 , he made his debut in formula 1 for the small Osella team. Tarquini would his entire career for small teams.

For the 1988 season was the only driver of Coloni Tarquini with an eighth place in Canada as the best result. A year later he would for FIRST come true but had been refused by the FIA after the team, he was replaced by AGS Philippe Streiff who crashed heavily during test drives. At the Grand Prix of Mexico picked up Tarquini sixth place and so a point. In the course of 1989 was the AGS becoming weaker and in 1990 and 1991 came Tarquini rarely at the start.

End 1991 Fondmetal Tarquini to that in 1992 left a good impression in training in particular and Tarquini qualified themselves always. However, the car proved to be very unreliable and he pulled out but once the finish. After the Grand Prix of Italy became Fondmetal ceased operations. Tarquini was looking for his salvation in touring cars withAlfa Romeo and was very successful. In 1995 he raced once as a substitute yet for Tyrrell during the Grand Prix of Europe.

In 2009, for the first time world champion Gabriele Tarquini touring cars, when he with an official Seat Leon TDI won the World Touring Car Championship.