Gaston Maurice Julia (Sidi-bel-Abbès (Algeria), 2 February 1893 – Paris19 March 1978) was a French mathematician.

Julia was the son of a craftsman. His mathematical ability was discovered at an early age. Both for the elite school École Normale Supérieure and the École polytechnique, which is no less in regard to State, he did his entrance examination. In both cases he was the best of all geëxamineerden. He chose the first training and already in 1913 he published his first mathematics article. Then threw the spanner in the first world war : he had to take service as a second lieutenant. In January 1915, he was seriously injured.Many operations brought him no help: he had to go through life with a leather cap on where his nose had been.

In the period In which he was patched through painful operations again he obtained the title of doctor and he did his mathematical investigations. In 1918 he put the result down in an article of 199 pages in the Journal de mathématiques pures et appliquées about ' iterative application of rational functions ' Mémoire sur l'itération des fonctions rationnelles ,.

In this article was the famous Julia collection described in terms of operations with complex numbers. The article was about the iteration (iterative successive application) ofrational functions of complex numbers.

Julia laid the basis for the theory of Fractals. He got for his article the Grand Prize of the French Academy of Sciences and became a professor at the École Polytechnique in Paris. Later he became Professor ofgeometry. In 1934 he was elected to membership of the French Academy of Sciences.

Despite his fame, he was somewhat into oblivion. Only when Benoît Mandelbrot called him in his publications from the 1970s he got attention in France.