George Leslie Horine (Escondido3 February 1890 – Modesto28 november 1948) was an American athlete who specialized in the high jump. He jumped a world recordtwice and was the first athlete who jumped over 2 metres.


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Horine developed the so called Western Role, a new jump technique that the by the American William Page in 1894 introduced succeeded, and Scissors jump improved the world record on May 28, 1912 to 2.00 m. This record held two years, when his compatriot Edward Beeson the improved to 2.01.

Horine represented the United States at the Stockholm Olympics in 1912 and was the big favorite here due to his world record. Stockholm came In May because of poor weather conditions-the run-up was soaked and sprinkled with peat-not from the paint and he jumped thereby not higher than 1.89, which still was good enough for the bronze, behind countryfellow Alma Richards (gold) and the German Hans Liesche (Silver). He also competed in the baseball.

In 1915, George Horine American Champion high jump. He took part in his career total to 64 matches, of which he won 59. He also jumped 17 times higher than 3 ' 6 "(= 1,903 m).


  • American Champion high jump-1915

World records[Edit]Edit

Height (m) Date Place
1.98 29 March 1912 Palo Alto
2.00 28 may 1912 Palo Alto


high jump[Edit]Edit

  • 1912: [1]OS-1.89 m
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