Gerard Dagobert Henri "Gerard" Bosch van Drakestein (Mechelen (Belgium)24 July 1887 - the Hague20 March 1972) was a Dutch professional road bicycle racer. He took part in the Olympic Games three times and won a total of three medals.

In his youth years he often drove under the pseudonyms "Ulysses" and "Bismarck" for its noble family embarrassment. Competitive sports was apparently not regarded ascomme il faut . He would also continue his entire career amateur. In late July 1914, he ran the world title at the amateur sprinters wrong, because on August 1, the first world war broke out, after which the title tournament in Copenhagen was broken off. Bosch was in the years around World War I very successful: he won 17 Dutch titles in total.

Bosch of Drakenstein took part three times, and twice won a medal at the Olympic Games. In 1908 , he took part, in 1924 he together with Maurice Peeters won bronze at the part in tandem and in 1928 Amsterdam silver medal in the 1000 metres time trial. After this tournament he ended his sports career.

In addition to and after the game he was also active as a Publisher sports, sports journalist and driver. Partly due to his actions in 1928 was the Dutch cycling Federationlifted and founded the KNWU . Bosch van Drakestein was known as a sporting driver.

From the mid-thirties hit Bosch van Drakestein involved in politically troubled waters. His former friend and co-founder of the KNWU Barend Swaab the bear was his greatest enemy, where his Jewish descent was not alien to. In 1939 he flirted openly with the NSB and corresponded with the fiercely anti-Semitic magazine The foghorn.Swaab the bear knew to escape to Switzerland later to the Nazis to divert. [1it was after the occupying time an indictment filed in connection with its Bosch van Drakestein chicanes compared to Swaab de Beer, but this led to nothing.