Gerard Pieter de Kruijff (Neighbors27 January 1890 - DeventerOctober 16, 1968) was a Dutch rider.

He was double Olympic champion with the Dutch team on the military. He won on Addio in 1924 gold. His best result was a sixth place at the team competition during the dressage. In the individual competition was Daniels 13th. At the time of the Play of Paris he was Lieutenant in the Cavalry. Under the rules of that time was participation in the equestrian parts at Olympics reserved for army officers.

Four years later, during the 1928 summer Olympics in Amsterdam, the Dutch team defended its title. De Kruijff, Dolf van der Voort van Zijp Charles Pahud de Mortanges and were the first Dutch Olympians who failed.In the individual contest went The Dar after the dressage in the lead. During the enduranceproef he had to cede this to Pahud ceded this no longer the Mortanges, which in the concours hippique. Daniels ended up second in the overall classification.

In Amsterdam he also competed in the jumping. With the Dutch team he received a 10th place and in the individual competition he was 27th.