Hans Ewout Kuyper (Oostvoorne6 March 1962) is a Dutch children's book writer. Earlier, he worked among other things at the radio and as a Director for theatre performances.


Kuyper worked 15 years at the radio, including being sued Radio. Kuyper directed his first theatre performance In 1987. It was the one-act play Barbara's wedding by J.M. Barrie. Kuyper began In 1988 as a Director of musicals in Hoorn. He made six productions, including Foxtrot by Annie M.G. Schmidt, in which he also played the lead role and sang.

In addition to directing began writing including the one-act play with stage Kuyper Povische shoesverflucht (1997) and Jain dream, an adaptation of the novel of the same name by his brother Sjoerd Kuyper, author. On the advice of Sjoerd Kuyper stepped with a collection of rhymes to Leopold publishing house. In addition to rhymes appeared at the Leopold also prose, first for beginning readers, but since The Water people (Global Image, 2000) also for older children.

After a number of years came the recognition for his work. Nice reviews, kinderjury prices and a State Prize for the Princess on the fence -an Austrian State Prize, who did not want to adopt because of Illustrator Alice Hoogstad and Kuyper the then participation of Jörg Haider's FREEDOM PARTY into Government. Kuyper's work appears regularly in Okki and Tattoo and anthologies and anthologies.

In 2007, Kuyper appointed first official city poet of Zaanstad. In 2009, that designation for two years. Since 2008, he performs regularly with the ' gang of 4 ', a band that plays child mannequin. On 14 november 2010 won their song ' Grandpa ' the kinderjury Prize During the presentation of the first Dutch poet Willem Wilmink's price for the best Dutch children's song.


  • Letter for Douwe, 2001
  • Fleur has a thick papa, 2004
  • The secret of the gunpowder Palace, 2004
  • I love D.M., 2005
  • The secret of room 13, 2005
  • Day dear, dear Marit, 2005
  • The whisper cellars, 2006
  • Saved by the dogs, 2006
  • Fleur has the smallest tent, 2007
  • Whale Island, 2007
  • Forest of the wind, 2008
  • Fleur has the sweetest teacher, 2008
  • Cat in 't bakkie, rhyme is a cinch, 2008
  • Operation Northern lights, 2009
  • I had you so sweet, 2009
  • You are mine, 2009 (with Maren Stoffels)
  • Skating in the fog, 2011
  • Ghost tour in the dark
  • Fight hard for Cas
  • A hundred billion bottles
  • The secret of the 100th goal
  • F-side story, 2013
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