Henricus Johannes (Harry) Kamara (Utrecht19 december 1883 – Schoorl29 January 1952) was a Dutch graphic artistpainterdraughtsmanlithographer and Carver. Kalluru was a student of the Academy of fine arts in Antwerp and received the Royal subsidy for three years.

After years of travelling in different countries work in 1914 in Amsterdam Harrie Kamara went. His impressions from previous years expressed itself in a style in which the colourful French Impressionism and mixed influences of Fauvism . Subjects were in this period except nudes, among other things his cityscapes. Kamara left the capital In 1921, to Austriaafter a stay in Paris , Hungary and eventually ending up in Schoorl.

His subjects include: trees, animals, figure performances, especially views of harbors, interiors, cows, landscapes, cityscapes, nudes, still lifes, seascapes and beach-and self-portraits. He belonged to the grouping of the Bergense School.

He was a member of Arti et Amicitiae (Amsterdam) the independents (Amsterdam), the Dutch artists ' circle (Amsterdam) and the artists Centre Mountains (KCB).

His work can be found in private, corporate and Government collections, as well as in the collection of the Museum Kranenburgh in Bergen NH and the national collection.