Charles Claude Henri Jacob (Henri) van der M ( March 17, Amsterdamthe Hague1883 - March 6, 1959) was a Dutch journalist, peace activist and radio commentator for the AVRO. He wrote several books, chapters in other works and a large number of articles in newspapers and magazines, including in Den Gulden Winckel. He was a central figure in the Dutch peace movement of the years ten, twenty and thirty of the 20th century.

Life Course[Edit]Edit

Varghese M interested at a young age for international politics and a big interest went from the 16-year-old forward to the first Hague Peace Conference that took place in 1899 in the Huis ten Bosch. He brought out a book he wrote about this under a beautiful sounding pseudonymEdgar the Melville, because he feared that his work would otherwise not be taken seriously.

It failed him on the financial capacity to an academic study to follow and chose journalism. His work was characterized by a smooth writing style. As a journalist he worked successively in GoesNijmegen and the Hague.

He held various Secretary functions in business, although his interest continued to be given to international politics and especially the peace movement where in that time not much attention to was. During this time he was Secretary for peace by Law, an Association for expressions of interest in the peace movement.

At the outbreak of the first world war in 1914, the Dutch anti-war Council established that people of different political direction to bond, including a number of new people who are interested in the theme. Varghese M in this association played an important role. After the war the name was changed to Vereeniging for League of Nations and peace and was Van der M Secretary. After the League of Nations in the 1920s on the international stage appeared with a similar name, changed the name again, now insociety for international law (Viro). He continued on as Secretary to at least the beginning of the Second World War.

In these decades, he was a central figure in the Dutch peace movement. Among other things, he organized several conferences and exhibitions, including the Grotius-Memorial Service in 1925 and the Peace and peoples Federal exhibition in 1930. He was also one of the organizers behind the Hague Peace Conference of 1913 and the Conference of Nations Federal associationsin 1928.

Furthermore, he brought a large number of publications on on subjects such as the history of the peace movement, the League of Nations, the United Nationsinternational law and international politics. In the course of its years his interests shifted increasingly to history. His work was published in newspapers, magazines, brochures and books.

In 1928, Van der M appointed Director-Secretary of the Hague University. In this function he gave numerous lectures on historical topics. He was also a radio commentator for the AVRO in the field of foreign policy.


Varghese M In 1924 was appointed officer of the order of Orange-Nassau. The Board of the Carnegie Foundation In 1947 awarded him with the Wateler peace prize.

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