Henricus Lamiroy (Heurne1883 - August 29, Bruges10 may 1952) was the 23rd Bishop of Bruges.


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Origins and youth[Edit]Edit

Henry Lacy attended secondary school at the Sint-Amands college in Kortrijk. From 1904 to 1909 he completed his studies in preparation for the priesthood, first philosophy in Leuven, after theological studies at the seminary in Bruges and again in Leuven. He was doctor and magister in theology . On 13 december 1909, he was ordained priest .

First assignments[Edit]Edit

Lacey was Director of the seminary Leo XIII in Leuven (1910-1919) and then professor of Dogmatics at the seminary in Bruges (1919-1928). In 1927 he became honorary canon. In september 1928 he became parish priest of Saint Martin-blanket in Ypres. The next year, he became, with the support of the Nuncio and of Catholic politicians, and eighty-two year old outside knowing the Gustavus Josephus WaffelaertBishop, appointed Auxiliary Bishop-coadjutor and on 14 October 1929 sisinnius as the 88th Pope. His motto was ' In Caritate Christi '.

Bishop of Bruges[Edit]Edit

Lacey was the 23rd Bishop of the Diocese of Bruges from 1931 until his death in 1952. He still belonged to the race of the ' prelates, "which led with authoritative hand clergy and believers.

Politics was he aloof in front of the civil authority, but supported the Catholic party because they are the only guarantee for the defense of Christian values. He was therefore opposed to parties like the Flemish nationalists and REX. In elections he did not hesitate to point out the faithful on their ' heavy duty ' of conscience to vote ' for ' the only list approved by the spiritual government.

Catholic Action[Edit]Edit

By all the Bishops of his time, he is most for the development of the Catholic action and he pursued this after with its own separate organization within his diocese. For each branch of the k. a. He suggested full-time priests available. If there were initiatives that took place on the Belgian or Flemish level and some are threatening to escape (especially the Christian labour movement wanted to go his own way) he came in against resistance.


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