Herman Krikhaar ( Almelo , April 18 1930 - Draguignan , January 19 2010 ) was a Dutch painter , art connoisseur, art collector and gallery owner . [1 ][2 ][3]

Biography edit ]Edit

Krikhaar was born in Hantermanstraat in Almelo and grew up in the bakery and grocery from his parents. [4] He drew and painted from his 11th year, after a box full of tubes had given him as a consolation for the loss of his pigeons oil his mother. [5] In 1947, he studied at the Art Academy in Arnhem , where he befriended Theo Wolvecamp . [6] In 1948, he was 18 and he had his service to fulfill. Eighteen months later he worked for a time in the bakery from his father to him for a year in 1951 to Paris departed, where he worked as a dishwasher and his passion for art developed. After this year he worked for the bakery his father until he was steward of the KLM and art began buying.

In 1960 Krikhaar married Henriette Andreoli and in the same year he went with her ​​to Ibiza . They returned in 1962 to the Netherlands. The following year opened Krikhaar an art gallery on the Weteringschans in Amsterdam , it moved in 1965 to the Spui . In 1971 Krikhaar Andreoli divorced.

In the 70s the urge to paint itself was getting stronger. Krikhaar often painted during his long summer vacations in Salernes in southern France . In 1988 Krikhaar closed his gallery in order to be able to concentrate on painting full. In 1994, Herman Krikhaar settled with his second wife Helena Krikhaar-Stork in their designed by Jack It takes son home and studio Le Cygne [7]Salernes. [5] In 2007 he founded the Herman Krikhaar Foundation on. On September 26, 2008 opened Queen Beatrix Jack In its first exhibition in Almelo during the 17th edition of theAlmelo Atelierroute . It was then for the first time Herman Krikhaar Art Prize awarded. Krikhaar handed it off to artist Linda Biemans . [8] In 2009 Krikhaar himself opened the Almelose Atelierroute in Burgerzaal town of Almelo. [9 ][10] Krikhaar remained active as a painter until his death. He died at age 79 in Draguignan after a short illness on a stomach hemorrhage and was cremated on January 29, 2010 Usselo . [2 ][3 ][6 ][11]


I had a good painter can be, but had not the courage to suffer poverty.



Trivia edit ]Edit

  • In Almelo since 2008 Herman Krikhaar Art Prize awarded during the Almelose atelierroute.